After ​18 years of service under the guidance of the United Community Centers, the Rubonia Community Center doors were close.  The community of Rubonia came together to challenge the Manatee County Board of Commissioners to let them operate the center and instill a multipurpose  agenda to support the low income citizens of Rubonia.

Rubonia's board of directors made up of local residents met to discuss ways in which the community center could continue to service all of the community.

Manatee County Board of Commissioners voted unanimously to give the Rubonia community this opportunity to carry out the wishes of the residents.


To provide community outreach for all, referral services, Senior Programs, Youth Recreation, mentoring, homework assistance, etiquette program for youth, computer literacy and community forums on community issues.


"Unity is the key to a world of creativity"

"We walk in the light of creative altruism." The community center has been the coming together point for all ethnic backgrounds.  Therefore, the focus on multicultural programs must be continued.  We cannot achieve this goal alone.  We must have the help  of those in need of our services, as well as the generous benefactors who support our efforts. 

Thanks for the support that’s made it all possible!


Mary G. Brown, Chairperson

​Rubonia Community Association, Inc.

Mission + Vision


our history

The center serves as a meeting place for both the youths and adults of the community.  Providing assistance as needed, food, clothing, ferrals, supervised recreation and a safe haven for latchkey kids in need of support.

Helping youths, seniors and people of the community through advocacy, education, recreation, to better understand how the county government support them with their everyday activities, through partnerships and volunteerisms